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I am so grateful for so many incredible comments, feedback, love and support from so many of you. Thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful creations, photos, stories and sentiments in order to provide ideas and inspiration to other Bijou Makers.


"This is literally the ONLY thing these two will do together. Thank YOU! Best idea ever!!!

- Remy

Thank you for so much love and support, Remy!

Remy - Los Angeles

Mathew wanted to make a unique necklace for himself and was looking for earth toned colors. He bought the Earth Kit and crafted this gorgeous necklace.

Mathew - New York

Michaela bought three kits, along with several additional gemstones and charms, for her and her daughters for their summer activities. We love this quality mother/daughter time together.

Michaela - Puerto Rico

Brianne was kind enough to share this special note from her daughters and the bracelet they created for her from their Pastel Dreams Kit: "Dear Mom, we love you so much and thank you for being our Mom....."

Brianne - New York


Fernanda sent in her photo of her bracelets from her Earth Kit. She used the 6mm Sodalite beads (far left), 8mm Picasso Jasper (middle) and the 8mm White/Gray Howlite with a Tiger's Eye bead for her far right bracelet.

Fernanda - Los Angeles

Susan has been a supporter of Bijou Indochine Jewelry for many years and I can't express how much gratitude and love I have for someone I haven't met in person yet! She was the FIRST person to purchase a Bijou Kit when it went live in late June. Sending you lots of love and gratitude, Susan!

Susan - Pacifica

Paul bought the Pastel Dreams Kit for his teenage daughters and I love their designs. They added some of their existing beads to the Bijou Kit and made some dreamy bracelets.

Paul - Santa Monica

Natalie used the multi-colored beads from the Bijou Kids Kit to make this fun but Zen bracelet. With two little girls, they've been busy creating fun bracelets with all the acrylic alphabet beads that were purchased along with their kit.

Natalie - Los Angeles

Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @bijoukits with your Bijou Kits photos or send them to us via email at As a small brand, we are grateful for any and all forms of love and support.

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