How To Tie Your Stretch Cords

Every Bijou Kit comes with an instruction card (see below) but I wanted to show you how I like to tie my bracelets that I make for my jewelry line, Bijou Indochine Jewelry. I also like to secure my knots with glue afterwards for good measure and the brand that I like to use is G-S Hypo Cement. Just a drop or two works well and one tube will last you a very long time. I don't like to show the knots on the bracelets so I will pull the knot through the hole of the bead (when I use the thinner cord) or will strategically start my beading with a charm that has a large enough hole to pull the knot through afterwards. I've added two different sized stretch cords to every kit because everyone has different preferences when it comes to how their bracelets feel.



Using stretch cording is great for it's flexibility but make sure you tie it properly so that your bracelet doesn't break on you. Everyone has their way of tying things but we've found that the most secure knot is the Surgeon's Knot. We've suggested this version but it will work just as great if you use this to tailor it to your own knots.

What's a Bead Stopper?

I've added a Bead Stopper in every Bijou Kit because it has saved me from losing it every time I made a bracelet. It clips on to your stretch cord so that you can add beads freely without beads falling off and rolling around all over the place. I've received so many questions about the use of it and I forget that there's a lot of you who are starting out making your own bracelets so you're not familiar with this useful tool.

For the price of 1 bracelet, make up to 15 with a Bijou Kit.