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Bijou Custom Kit

Bijou Custom Kit


Birthday party favors, bridal party gifts, baby shower gifts, a special gift for a friend who needs a "lift me up" or simply something unique just for you. A customized Bijou Kit that has your favorite gemstones with your favorite colors will make your event or gifts that much more meaningful and your kit will be unique to you.


How It Works

Once you place your order, we will send you a list of gemstones to choose from. You will be able to choose up to 10 different gemstones from our stock to fill 10 slots in your kit. They can be all 10 different gemstones or double up on your favorite.


Gemstones choices are limited to what we have in stock on the list we send you. Our gemstones are purchased in both small and large quantities so inventory fluctuate. Gemstones choices may change.


Please allow 1-3 days to process your unique and customized kit.


What's Included

Ten (10) Gemstone Choices

8mm Gemstones comes in bundles of 25 beads

6mm Gemstones comes in bundles of 60 beads

Assorted gold & silver charms, pendants and spacers

Measuring tape for sizing

One bead stopper


Two stretch cord tubes in two different sizes


Orders of 5 or more Custom Kits receive a 15% discount.


Each Bijou Kit comes with enough beads and charms to make 12-15 bracelets, depending on the size of your bracelets.


    Free Shipping On All Orders Over $100

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