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Sugar Rush Kit

Sugar Rush Kit


This one stop shopping kit comes fully stocked for you to make necklaces, earrings and bracelets. We've filled this kit up with some of the most popular acrylic beads and charms. 



(1) Black, waxed cord with lobster clasp. We've added large jump rings to some of the charms so it's easy to loop through.

(2) Stainless steel 23.5" ball chains that can make two necklaces or add them together to make an extra long necklace.

Stretch cord can be used to make stretchy necklaces and chokers.



Easy to use kidney ear wires and no tools needed to use.

Two silver sets provided.

Just loop through your favorite charm.



Our stretch cords goes a long way and can make several bracelets for you and your friends.


What's in your kit:

1 Bijou Kits stretch cord

1 Black, waxed cord necklace

2 Stainless Steel 23.5" ball chain

2 Pairs of Kidney Ear Wires

2 Matching pairs of Gummy Bears for your earrings

4 Assorted Gummy Bears with jump rings for your necklaces

Acrylic clear diamond shaped beads

Acrylic wrapped candy beads

Acrylic assorted colors of Popsical charms

An assortment of acrylic 6mm pastel beads


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