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Bijou Kids

Bijou Kids

$38.00 Regular Price
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Whether you get this kit for your kids or the kid in you, this kit is perfect for the person who loves colors! This kit is made up of all light, painted wooden beads with large holes. I chose wooden beads over plastic beads because I love the texture and earthiness of natural wood.

Because these wooden beads are painted, swimming and bathing with your Bijou bracelets on is not recommended.


Each compartment is filled to the top with Multi-Color, Black, Teal, Yellow, Off-White and Red 8mm wood beads.


Also included with your kit:

Mixed gold & silver alphabet letters and spacers

Assortment of colorful dyed Howlite charms - Laughing Buddha Head, Stars, Turtles, Hearts and Peace Signs.

Assortment of gold and silver charms

One bead stopper 

Kid friendly (and colorful) scissors

Two stretch cord tubes in two different sizes


Kit Size and Dimensions

7.5" x 5" x 1.5"


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